What the heck is Slay the Stars?

Good question! I could simply say we're a cosmic fantasy DnD 5e actual-play podcast... That's a lot of words.

Cast member Arthur Pelino describes it better in our trailer. Give it a click! Then check out our latest episodes in the Episodes Tab .

Beyond the Stars #4: Jenn

Our latest episode of Beyond the Stars went live on December 26, 2023, and it's our last release of the year!

Join us as Leah sits down with Jenn to discuss life, art, and all things Slay the Stars.

We'll be back on January 9th, 2024 with our Cour 4 recap. Then, on January 23, 2024... Arc 2 Begins.

Collaboration #2: Milo and Mila

A date 3 months in the making...

What happens when Mila comes back to the Bell Wood and finally meets up with Milo? A gnome love story for the ages!

A big thank you to everyone who helped bring this story to life:

Grant! From Game Master Monday reprising his role as Milo - Game Master Monday's Linktree

Kae! From Dude, Where's My Drift? as our first ever guest GM - Check out Dude, Where's My Drift? on Spotify

Our DM Leah for taking Mila from NPC to PC

And Arthur for, once again, working his audio engineering magic!

We hope you enjoy this project, and we look forward to bringing you more fun collaborations in the future.

Dramatization #4: A Covert Meeting is LIVE!

It's been awhile since we released a dramatization, and this one came just in time to add some flavor to the end of arc 1. Written by Leah, edited and mastered by Arthur- Drama #4 is a doozy. We were lucky to work with some incredibly talented individuals:

Meredith Nudo - https://linktr.ee/meredithnudo 

Steven Landes - https://stevenlandes.carrd.co/ 

Laneth Sffarlenn - https://laneth.com/ 

Mitch Leschinski - https://www.mitchleschinski.com/ 

We're incredibly lucky to have these professionals lending their voices to our world.

We partnered with Fungeon Master for maps!

Fungeon Master is an amazing map maker, and we are so honored to have him creating these works of art for our podcast! Most recently, his work was featured in Episode 39.

If you'd like to see more of Fungeon's work and support him on social media, Ko-fi, or Twitch, you can do so at the following links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FMaster90

Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/fungeonmaster90

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fungeonmaster90 

Find us on social media and support us on Patreon for our latest news, updates, and behind the scenes access!

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