The Cast

Leah Huemmrich (Dungeon Master)


D&D Fanatic. Book Worm. Aspiring Writer. Horror Enthusiast. Mom. That sums it up nicely!

Ever since the day Leah rolled her first d20, life hasn't been the same. For her, Dungeons and Dragons is the perfect mixture of everything she loves: imagining new worlds and stories with good friends- with a little random chaos to add some spice.

After years of back and forth about podcasting, she's finally chasing her dream with two of her best friends at her side. The beautiful madness that comes out of this venture will truly be something to behold.

Her motto for the whole ride? Shoot for the stars. (Get it?!) And who could forget... Per somnia, ad astra. 🌠

You can find Leah @Somnium_Astri on Twitter.

Arthur Pelino (Charlemagne Vif Brume)

Audio Engineer

Voice actor, Retired Musician, Poet, D&D Nerd, Collector of Vinyl and Useless Knowledge.

D&D wasn’t always a part of his life, but there’s no stopping this train now. Player, turned perma-DM, turned player once again. When the idea of the podcast was presented, he went full speed ahead… with an anchor. Jenn and Leah rolled natural 20’s on their persuasion checks, and here they all are.

He has always been a sucker for a good story, and this podcast will be a dream twofold: To tell an excellent story with the characters/world this trio can create and to play another chaotic but joyous game of Dungeons & Dragons.

When reached out for comment he responded, “Please get off my lawn.”

Per somnia, ad astra.

You can follow Arthur @ArthurPelino on twitter.

Jenn Kearney (Zemira Kaltain)

Graphic Designer

Jenn's Dungeons and Dragons philosophy: Rules are really more like guidelines; chaos is the most fun; and a little bit of gambling can be worth the risk... all in game of course.

She's an artist, nerd, wanna be witch, and the coolest of aunties.

Jenn started playing D&D on a whim, landed a killing blow in her first game, and has been hooked ever since. Prior to this adventure, she had never considered being involved with a podcast but was quickly swept up in the excitement and enthusiasm shared by two of her best friends. Now, she's all in on this passion project and is excited to share this world and these characters with you.

Per somnia, ad astra!

Find Jenn on instagram at jlkearn82 .

Shoutout to our friend and photographer Rachel Bianchi for these great pictures. We love you❣️

We're not huge fans of having our pictures taken...

But it's hard to not have a good time when you're with your besties, taking pictures for your new podcast.

Thank you for listening and supporting us on this wild ride.

All Our Love,

Leah, Arthur, and Jenn 💚💙💜

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