Season 1: Lyra

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S1E75: You're Not Cai

Did you know our very own Arthur Pelino plays the guitar? Well. Tune in and find out why that matters for this one... 🎸

Oh, and there's an exorcism.

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Our Cour Recaps!

We like to break our story up into cours so we can provide recap episodes. These episodes are meant as refreshers to people who are caught and as an easy way for new listeners to jump into the story quickly. 

You can find all the episodes on our podcast as well as on our YouTube. Click the link below to be taken to our playlist on YouTube!

Cour Recaps - YouTube Playlist 

Ask Us Anything Episodes

Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of our cast? Wonder no more! These episodes will give you all the insight you could want.

Wait... You still want more? Check out our patreon! We do monthly Ask Us Anything session with our VIP+ patrons.


And you can find the full playlist of AUAs on YouTube:

Ask Us Anything - YouTube Playlist 


We like to take moments from the campaign and expand upon them, either providing a little more depth to things our characters do or by exploring moments outside the scope of our two protagonists.

We like to include talented professionals in these dramatizations, and we've been fortunate to work with some of the best! Our most recent is embedded here, and you can find the full playlist on YouTube:

Dramatizations - YouTube Playlist

Beyond the Stars

We are starting a new interview series for our podcast called Beyond the Stars. In these episodes, we'll interview people who are involved in StS OR who we think are just really cool members of the TTRPG community! (These episodes will be sporadic, so there isn't a release schedule.)

Beyond the Stars - YouTube Playlist 

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